Born of the Soil

You learned your magic in a place whose spirits are strong and ancient and they've marked you as one of their own. No matter where you go, they live within you and allow you to take their shape. Choose one of the following. It is the land to which you are attuned-when shapeshifting you may take the shape of any animal who might live in your Land.

  • The Great Forests
  • The Whispering Plains
  • The Vast Desert
  • The Stinking Mire
  • The River Delta
  • The Depths of the Earth
  • The Sapphire Islands
  • The Open Sea
  • The Towering Mountains
  • The Frozen North
  • The Blasted Wasteland

Chose a tell-a physical attribute that marks you as born of the soil-that reflects the spirit of your land. It may be an animal feature like antlers or leopard's spots or something more general: hair like leaves or eyes of glittering crystal. Your tell remains no matter what shape you take.